It’s Finally Here!

Meet the new, unique and sophisticated KIMIMAKI Baby Thermometer, created by parents for parents. We put a lot of time into developing a new product that would be better than everything existing on the market and that would be easy to operate and compact in day-to-day use.

Please welcome the fever controlling hero.

Forehead & Body Mode

Object Mode

Ear Mode

1 Second Fast Reading

Voice Temperature Reading

10 Memory Readings

Fahrenheit & Celsius Mode

3 Color Mode Fever Warning

When Baby Sleeps, Everyone Sleeps

Most of the time, parents just need to know if their kids have a fever. Your baby has been out of sorts all day. When they’re awake, they’re fussing. If they nap, they sleep fitfully. Are they just teething or are they coming down with something? A thermometer can help you gauge how worried you should be by telling you if they have a fever, signaling a call to your doctor might be in order.

That’s why we designed KIKIMAKI to take all the guesswork out of the numbers without overwhelming you with information.

We combined the versatility of a traditional thermometer and the modern features of a smart device into a new product designed to take care of your child’s health.

KIKIMAKI Watches Over your Family

KIKIMAKI enables you to accurately check body temperature and provide instant insight into your child’s health. It can also store up to 10 temperature measurements so that you can track the progress. This is great for observing trends in temperature to see if the medication is working.

KIKIMAKI knows milk's temperature too

You can also use KIKIMAKI to check the surface temperatures of liquids and other objects. It is a great way to see whether the milk is too hot or bathtub water is too cold for baby. Simply hold the button to switch to Object Mode and point within 5cm of the object’s surface. Best of all, the audio feature works in object mode as well.

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